The Next Big Player In Technology

Who Is the Next Big Player In The Tech Industry?

The wave of technology start ups has been growing strong for almost 20 years. The trend originated in the San Fransisco and has now spread across the United States. Sure, the majority of big startups like Facebook, Twitter, and Apple have come out of Silicon Valley, but now tech startups are popping up all over the world. Emerging economies like Vietnam and Singapore have had a string of successful companies emerge.

The internet has allowed the world to connect giving many people an opportunity that never existed previously. Internet marketers have found away to outsource the majority of their services through websites like Fiverr and People Per Hour. The strong American currency gives us the ability to hire people in foreign countries, especially Asian, for very low prices. In fact, you can easily get someone to work for $1 to $2 dollars per hour and they will thank you for it. Here in the United States the average person makes $10 dollars an hour and that’s barely enough money to live on. Currency strength plays a huge factor in this as well as the cost of living being dramatically lower in these countries. Many digital marketing companies have found out ways to outsource nearly all of their services to foreign workers and make a killing the process.

Politicians across the United States have rallied agains’t outsourcing claiming that we are loosing American jobs, but outsourcing is a natural process of the free market. Technology and manufacturing companies have been the primary benefactors of outsourcing for the last 20 years. In the near future another big wave of development will involve the “internet of things.” Essentially, all devises and objects will be fitted with an RFID chip and will communicate with a chip reader. Then, artificial technology will monitor everyone and all devices and be able to predict mass movements of people with 100% accuracy. Many privacy advocates say this will be a huge invasion of privacy because all of your movements will be tracked and recorded. Big technology companies are behind the push to RFID all items because they will benefit from the data and information they gain.

Unfortunately for the average person our future is beginning to look a lot more like the book 1984. Is there a way to implement all these technological advances and still keep our privacy and basic dignity? SmashFund founder and CEO Rob Towles has been working on a crowdfunding application that will bridge the gap between traditional platforms and the modern era. He says that SmashFund will disrupt the entire crowdfunding industry because it combines the best aspects of social media and revenue sharing. In fact, his new system is being hailed by internet marketers as a breakthrough because the fact they can make money by promoting the system. No other crowdfunding platform gives users the ability to make money and crowd fund at the same time. In the next 50 years we are going to see the face of technology change for better or worse. In my view, the trillion dollar question is will technology empower humanity for the better or leave us enslaved in a high tech kill grid in which we can never escape?

If you would like to learn more about Rob Towles and Smashfund, you can visit him at: or visit him on Pinterest: to learn more.

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