FEEL IT LIKE A SCIENTIST -(KING OF SPADES RECORDS)- Wow, and Chrome are still at it. I wasn't aware of this band in their original incarnation (founded by Damon Edge iMore

Ex Hex
RIPS -(MERGE RECORDS)- It seemed like Wild Flag came, conquered and then left us. I’m assuming with three of them being in Portland and Mary Timony being 3000 miles away More

The Gotobeds
POOR PEOPLE ARE REVOLTING-(12XU)-This is one of those bands I didn’t even have to hear their music to know I’d like ‘em. Of course after hearing their music I sure as hell like ‘em. More

It Looks Sad
S/T-(TINY ENGINES)-Ooooh, now this I like. Though the band name might come across as oh-so-emo, is multi-culti quartet have a sound that’s as diverse as their lineup. More

Big Star
#1 RECORD and RADIO CITY -(STAX/ CONCORD MUSIC GROUP)- What can I possibly say about these two records that hasn't already been said? It's almost sacrilige to say anything bad about Memphis More

Christopher Denny
IF THE ROSES DON'T KILL US -(PARTISAN)- Had not heard of this Arkansas-native before but did a little research and found out this this is his 2nd record, though his debut came out in 2007. So what had Denny been More

Fan Modine
CAUSE CELEBRE'-(LOST COLONY MUSIC)-Fan Modine leader Gordon Zacharias is really on a roll here after having a seven year gap between records (2004's HOMELAND to More

LUNCHBOX LOVES YOU-(JIGSAW RECORDS)-I've always liked this Bay Area indie pop trio (well, husband/wife of Tim and Donna and then whomever on drums...at one time it was my old pal Shannon Handy More

INTO SIXES -(ANYWAY RECORDS)- There’s a scene at the beginning of the video for Connections’ “Cruise Control” where the protagonists hold down a bullied boy and punch him repeatedly in the nose, More

The Dead Space
FAKER -(12XU)- If I didn't say it before I'll say it now., 12XU is really on a roll. I just cranked the latest Unholy Two record plus the latest one from Burnt Skull and The Gotobeds. More

THE SOUND OF MY NAME-(KINSELLA RECORDINGS)-Tim Batke, leader of Canadian band Faunts, releases his 2nd record under the Duplekita moniker. He gets lots of More

Game Theory
BLAZE OF GLORY-(OMNIVORE RECORDINGS)-If you truly like a band, you’re willing to overlook its flaws now and then, right? Musician Scott Miller had to start More

camera obscura- "do it again"
savages- "shut up"
beach day- "beach day"
flowerss- "sun dial"
pinata protest- "vato perron"
pure bathing culture- "pendulum"
dog party- "how are you doing?"
the three o'clock- "with a cantaloupe girlfriend"
kissaway trail- "norrebro"
the ocean blue- "sunset moonrise"